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An Ally is a card that can boost skill levels and help the player in battle. They give the player 12% of their stats and 15% when added to the player's center. Their skills and EX can trigger randomly, and they can buff the player with a passive skill. The player can collect bounties and become friends with them through Ally Gifts and events. If allies with a bond are assigned to the center, said allies' stats increase.


New 6-star and 5-star allies that are released with new outfit sets. Stats, skills, and bonds typically differentiate. Bonds are typically between allies of the same set.

Each set has a different poster with available and unavailable allies, viewable through Gallery > Family. Available allies will be darkened out—obtained allies are not—while unavailable allies are displayed as a silhouette.

Recruitable Allies

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Abdullah Abdullah
Anjou Anjou
Caesar Caesar

Party Caesar
College Caesar
Wedding Caesar

Chime Gen Chime Gen

Christmas Chime
College Chime

Chisei Gen Chisei Gen

College Chisei
Christmas Chisei

Erii Uesugi Erii Uesugi

Party Erii
College Erii
Police Erii
Love Erii
Wedding Erii
Christmas Erii

Johann Chu Johann Chu

Party Johann
College Johann
Love Johann
Police Johann
Wedding Johann
Christmas Johann

Luminous Luminous

Party Luminous
College Luminous
Police Luminous
Love Luminous
Wedding Luminous
Christmas Luminous

NoNo NoNo

Party NoNo
Wedding NoNo
Police NoNo

Ming·Z·Lu Ming-Z-Lu
Ruri Kazama Ruri Kazama
Others Love-Shavee





Isabel Isabel
Kogure Sakurai Kogure Sakurai

Love Kogure
Wedding Kogure

Koshi Uesugi Koshi Uesugi
Mai Sakatoku Mai Sakatoku

Police Mai
Christmas Mai

Ōshō Ōshō
Shavee Shavee

Wedding Shavee

Zero Zero

Party Zero
College Zero

Others Love Sakura
Wedding Sakura
Police Enxi

4 Stars and Under

4 Star Finger

Kotaro Fuma
Shio Miyamoto
Nanami Sakurai
Genichiro Ryoma
Katsu Inuyama
Sakura Yabuki

3 Star Professor Manstein

Professor Schneider
Akira Sakurai

2 Star Antom

Humpback Whale
Makoto Asou


Allies Recruitment-0.png

By pressing the "Recruit" button in Ally, the layer will be shown a phone screen with two options:

Standard Recruit

Recruiting these Allies gives the player 6x Turquoise Potions and a 2-4 star ally. The player can draw a standard recruitment every 30 minutes with a max of three times a day. Using a Request Order, which can be earned from various events, allows the player to draw a standard recruitment outside of the free times given.

  • 10% chance for 4-Star Allies
  • 40% chance for 3-Star Allies
  • 50% chance for 2-Star Allies

Special Recruit

Recruiting those gives you 1x Piece of info and a 3-6 star ally. A special recruit can be drawn one every 60 hours, or you can use Secret Commands, which can be bought for diamonds, various packages in the item mall or received from daily login.

The first 10-streak uses 7 Secret Commands and guarantees at least a 5 star ally. Thereafter, 10 will be used and only guarantees at least a 4-star ally.

  • 1.5% chance for 6-Star Allies
  • 4.5% chance for 5-Star Allies
  • 20% chance for 4-Star Allies
  • 74% chance for 3-Star Allies

Exclusive Recruit

New recruitment sets are made available periodically, announced in maintenance notices. When released, new allies will arrive in batches through a limited-time recruitment menu. They will be featured together, and the player can see which new allies are available via a poster to the right of the phone. Additionally, the end date will be under said image; the announcement may be a better reference in the off chance that it is wrong.

Unlike the regular menu, there will only be one option seen on the phone screen.

Each new one will have the first 10-streak cost 10 Secret Commands and guarantee at least a 5 star ally. Thereafter, the 10x only guarantees at least a 4 star ally. With the exception of the Party set allies, new allies will be added to the regular Special Recruit pool after it ends.

The rates for the different star allies are the same as the Special Recruit's, except the featured allies are more likely to appear.

  • 1.5% chance for 6-Star Allies, but a 67% chance it will be an exclusive ally.
  • 4.5% chance for 5-Star Allies, but a 67% chance it will be an exclusive ally.

Building Allies

Allies Overvieuw.png


Leveling allies can be done through 2 means: giving them EXP potions or sending them on Night Watch Bounties.

Potions can be obtained through recruitment, events, Gacha, and the item mall. There are 3 tiers of potions, each increasing in the amount of EXP given.

Amythest Potion 100000 EXP
Sapphire Potion 10000 EXP
Turqoise Potion 1000 EXP

Depending on player level, the level caps for allies change. If the player is bellow level 70, the max ally level is 70. At level 70, max level rises to 100. When the player hits level 80, the max level rises to 120.


Advancing allies unlocks ultimate skills, and increases their stats. Doing so requires Bloodborn Gems. Depending on the type and rarity of the Ally, this requires different materials. All allies, apart from Party and Christmas allies, solely use regular Bloodborn Gems.

Type Material Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Talent Refine
6 Star Flawless B-Gem 30 90 180 180
5 Star Flawless B-Gem 10 30 90 Unable to Refine
4 Star Cracked B-Gem 30 90 180 Unable to Refine
3 Star Cracked B-Gem 20 60 120 Unable to Refine
2 Star Cracked B-Gem 10 30 90 Unable to Refine
5-6 Star | Party Party Bloodborn Gem 30 90 180 Unable to Refine
5 Star | Christmas Cryolite BB Gem 10 30 90 Unable to Refine
6 Star | Christmas Cryolite BB Gem 30 90 180 180 with Flawless B-Gems

Private Items

Private items can be obtained while on Night Watch Bounty missions, the likelihood of higher tier items dropping as the mission tier rises. Giving these items to allies will increase their stats.

There are 3 different tiers of items: IV, Rare, and Excusive. Depending on the rarity of the ally, a different amount of items are needed.

Rarity IV Rare Exclusive
6 Star 12 10 1
5 Star 12 9 - 10 1
4 Star 12 7 1
3 Star 8 6 0
Set Allies - - + 1

When it comes to allies from sets, they will have an additional exclusive item that pertains to the theme.

Ally Gifts

Ally Gifts are items which are mostly obtained through Wyrm Hunter Chests and activity rewards. Upon using it, you will obtain a gift item that is added to a hidden inventory. These gifts can be given to an ally of choice through Ally > Select an Ally > Gifts, or Friends > Contact > Tap on Ally Portrait > Gve Gifts.

Giving gifts to allies will increase Link Points, which will result in messages and moments posts from them. Some EXs require the player to reach a certain amount of Link Points with an ally.

Upon entering the gift panel, the player can see all the ally gifts they have collected, the mood of the ally, and the option to gift said ally. Different gifts will result in different amount of Link Points given, and different mood will either increase or decrease the amount of points. A detailed sheet, compiled by members of the Dragon Raja community, on which ally likes what can be found here.

Night Watch Bounty

Bounties are daily quests in which the player sends out allies that meets the listed requirements up to 12 times a day. There are 4 total bounty tiers distinguished by color: none, purple, yellow, and red. Time consumed can range from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Red bounties, unlike the others, appears as a 5th option every 72 hours, and take 12 hours to complete.

Allies Bounty.png

Each bounty lists 2 of the 5 personality requirements: adaptive, leader, courageous, friendly, or sensitive. Higher ratings are given if allies that better meet the personality requirements are chosen, ranging from grade D to SS. Said requirements rise as the tier does.

Allies will have fixed personality points, numerically represented by a bar graph in their Overview menu. As ally stars rise, so do said range of points. Thus, it could be said higher starred allies yield higher rewards but they simply add more points per unit, making it easier to meet the requirement. Usually, the points are the same for each iteration of an ally; the exception being that the ally has differently starred units, in which case they will be different.

The following are obtained through completing bounties:

  • Player EXP
  • Ally EXP
  • Bloodborn Gems
  • Turqoise Potions
  • Private Items


Adding Allies to the center will boost the amount of stats you receive to 15% and allow them to use their skills in battle. If the main ally is bonded to a side ally, their stats are further boosted by 300%. Bonds are displayed underneath an ally's ultimate skill, and by selecting one of the portraits, the boosted stats are displayed.

Allies Center-0.png

Players begin with 5 center slots, one main and 4 supporters. The supporting slots are unlocked at 5, 15, 25 and 35 total obtained allies. One additional supporter slot is unlocked by clearing Level 10 of Deity's Test.


Pieces of Info can be used in the Mall > Pawnshop to redeem allies and items.

Allies shop.png

Item Given Item Price Stock
Amethyst Vial Box 1x Amethyst Potion 10 1x Daily
Bloodborn Gem 5x Flawless B-Gem 20 3x Weekly
6 Star Token 1x 6 Star Ally 750
5 Star Token 1x 5 Star Ally 250
Piece of info Yellow Piece of Info

Christmas Piece of Info