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Rexpower68 Rexpower68 13 March

Admins' Status - 1

If anyone checks the recent activity log, it is apparent that there have been little to no edits from Kuru and I.

For the foreseeable future, both of us are too busy to do any work on the wiki. The fact we both, as far as I'm aware, are burned out from playing Draja as well means we have no motivation to push ourselves for a game we don't love to death. The enormous workload it would take to flesh out every page for every part of the game just between us was quite demotivating as well.

"What will happen to the wiki?"

Nothing will be done by us, so it will remain as is unless someone edits it.

Speaking for myself, I will be checking the wiki monthly and offering help to whoever asks...

As said, I will continue to check over the wiki monthly.


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Xyndele Xyndele 27 October 2021

EVA. Collab: Calamity Records 1-7

  • 1 Page 1: Johann Chu
  • 2 Page 2: Nono
  • 3 Page 3: Luminous
  • 4 Page 4: Zero
  • 5 Page 5: Zero
  • 6 Page 6: Finger
  • 7 Page 7: Caesar

Map: Luxury Cruise Ship
Coords: 129, 46
Description: Outside on the stage. Go straight between Unit-02's legs.

Map: Ehime Prefecture
Coords: 327, 292
Description: Underneath the tree between the ice & tornado.

Map: Cassel College
Coords: 81, 323
Description: On the pathway to the gazebo, second section.

Map: Siberia Harbor
Coords: 242, 144
Description: In front of the lighthouse.

Coords: 187, 277
Description: Before the stairs that go down to the beach.

Map: Tokyo Tower
Coords: 78, 93
Description: To the right of the door that leads outside.

Map: Highway 95
Coords: 404, 743
Description: Where Illusion (Lv. 95 WB) spawns.

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Xyndele Xyndele 31 August 2021

August 31st, 2021: We're dead.

Now back in February of this year, we all had all the time in the world to work on the wiki. We are now busy as fuck and on the verge of death. I've hardly even the time to do half the dailies on one account.

We are very short staffed. Please apply for mod or smth.

Thank you for understanding.

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Xyndele Xyndele 30 August 2021

PC Client: Aug. 30th

The Dragon Raja Facebook page announced that the developers were working on a PC client on the 10th. On the 27th, they officially announced the release of said PC client.

I can't post the link here since Fandom's spam filter blocks it, but you can find it in the Facebook post linked at the bottom. Copy & paste it into an incognito browser and it'll begin downloading.

The dev team recommends you use a downloading software* and not to download it directly from the site. Some users have reported that downloading through any browser other than Chrome works. I've yet to test that. Open the folder and look for a file named "Dragon Raja.exe", open it and it'll begin downloading the app.

You can't log in through Google. You will have to connect your …

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Xyndele Xyndele 4 August 2021

Facebook Campaign: Aug. 4th

The Facebook team has launched a new event!

Simply record yourself in PvP, and upload it to either Facebook or YouTube. All participants get 400 diamonds.

The top 3 videos with the most plays(?) will then be given 2000, 1500, and 1000 diamonds respectively.

More details here.

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Xyndele Xyndele 9 June 2021

June 9th, 2021: Image Resources & Staff Recruitment

Welcome back :) I'm still on hiatus. But I do have some good news I want to share :)
I'll try to do these more often, but it'll probably be on Tuesdays since that's when I have the most free time.

Recently, somebody got their hands on the CN assets and Inu & I have been sorting through them so that we'd eventually be able to share it with you. I probably won't be writing any more pages until we finish sorting the equipment/outfits & skills/EXs.

There's also many more assets we'll be using around to decorate the wiki :)

Seriously we are very short staffed. Please apply :(

Thanks for reading :)

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Xyndele Xyndele 27 April 2021

To-Do List According to Xyndele

For personal reference. If you do any of these, lmk via Discord.

These are the immediate things I think should be done. Allies & resources are of highest priority.

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Xyndele Xyndele 21 April 2021

April 20th, 2021: Misc. Updates

I've actually been really busy making money and I don't lug around a computer everywhere I go. I was actually busy doing adult stuff today too but I found some time to make this.

We haven't been doing much work on the wiki bc of our schedules, so if you are interested in contributing, please do consider applying for a staff position, details here.

  • 1 EVANGELION Collab & Events
    • 1.1 Invitation Campaign
    • 1.2 "Free" Outfit Survey
    • 1.3 Some Paint Cards
    • 1.4 Video Submissions

The FB page is hosting a fair bit of stuff during this collab, which ends May 12th.

During the collab, every new invite will grant a handful of diamonds & paint cards. Max 3000 dias & 30 cards.


Fill out a survey hosted on Google Forms stating which outfit set you like the most. You can pi…

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Xyndele Xyndele 13 March 2021

March 13, 2021: Wiki Progress, Staff Recruit

Hello and welcome back to another week! Firstly, I apologize for missing last week. My wifi has been gone for an ungodly amount of time, came back momentarily, then went down again. Currently doing what I can 😞 Been working my ass off the last 2 weeks, so I haven't as much time as I'd like to work on the wiki.

Remember that any suggestions, feedback, etc, can always be sent to any member of staff!

Without further ado——

As mentioned, progress has significantly slowed. We are currently working on the images we have and those we plan to upload. Not many new pages have been created, and not many have been worked on. Majority of the changes this week have been the wiki navigation, layout, implemented CSS, etc. This includes:

  • A Discord integrator ha…

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Xyndele Xyndele 27 February 2021

February 27, 2021: New Admins, Wiki Progress

Hello hello! Firstly, happy global anniversary! It's already been a whole year since the DR global was released, and frankly, that's kinda wild. I been playing since day 1 and it's hard to think that a whole 366 days have passed. Back in the days of no quarantine and I was still paying for college 😞

I'm getting off topic. Onto the news.

  • 1 New Admins
    • 1.1 Bureaucrat
    • 1.2 Sysops
  • 2 Wiki Progress

There are 3 new admins of DRMW! The previous bureaucrat disabled their account and the only other sysop asked to be removed.

Hi. I'm Kuru. Or Xyndele, or 金, or Himmel. I'm the new bureaucrat :) I mostly work on the core gameplay mechanics and wiki theme. Currently, I'm finishing up the wiki itself and will be making the separate outfit pages once my wifi is back u…

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