Dragon Raja Mobile Wiki

Bonus can be found at the top right of the screen, to the left of Events and right of Quests. All daily and weekly login rewards, along with any top-up events are listed.

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The Online bonus times how long the player is online for that day, rewarding the player every 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, and 90 minutes. One can obtain gold, a Rainbow Potion, a level 1 gem, an EX Catalyst, a Turquoise Potion, and a Custom Made Box.

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For a certain amount of real life currency, depending on investment level, the player receives Coupons, and Diamonds every other level for 10 levels. Each investment level includes different items for the first and last levels.

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Sign In

The player receives rewards for each day they sign in, along with a Nono's Ticket. For every 7 days the player signs in a White Secret Key is obtained. Each player is given 3 late counts where they can sign in for 3 missed days. If a player has topped up, they will receive extra late count sign-ins depending on the level they've rebated to.

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Weekly Activity

Rewards are given for the cumulative activity points the player acquires during the week, resetting every Monday during server reset. The player can claim rewards at 80, 140, 280, 420, 600 and 750 activity points. Acquired items include gold, gems, Evolution Stones, Light Crystals, Eternal Flames, Stabilized Shards, Secret Commands, and Fusion Essences.

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The player acquires am Eternal Flame daily from weekend rewards.

Every Saturday and Sunday, the player can claim rewards for reaching 10, 30, and 50 activity points for that day. Obtained items include gold, Eternal Flames, and purple Custom Made Boxes. If the player is online from 20:00 to 23:00 in-game time, rewards can be claimed every 5 minutes up to 30 minutes total. Items include Carnival Tickets, Stabilized Shards, gems, Renovation Funds, Pet Nutrients, Eternal Flames, and Evolution Stones. Pet Boost Chips, Pet Refactor Chips, and Advanced Motor Mods have a chance of being obtained. The player can receive a 70 Carnival Tickets a day, and 140 a week.

Weekend Bonus Page.jpg

Level Gift

For every 5 levels obtained, the player receives rewards. The higher the level, the more and better the rewards one can get. Some items include gold, Gear Department Supplies, Rainbow Potions, gems, Evolution Stones, Bloodborn Gems, Mandate Crystals, Iron, and more.

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The player can wish 3 times a day every Saturday and Sunday, obtaining Diamond Fruits. Each fruit can give 5, 10, 20, or 40 Diamonds, and can be claimed on Monday.

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As the player levels, new gameplay features are introduced via this panel. Once the player reaches the required level, rewards are given up to level 80.

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If the player has their account bound, they can claim an Account Pack weekly. It contains a Ripped Up Post-it Note, which can be used once daily.

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The player can watch a video for a CD Key at the end of it for rewards.

Video Bonus Page.jpg

Friend Recruit

The player can invite friends to play Dragon Raja with a generated invited code. If an invited player reaches level 60, the inviter receives an AD Gift. If an invited player recharges more than 1000 Coupons within the first 30 days, the inviter gets a 5% Diamond rebate up to 1000 Diamonds. A max of 200 can be obtained daily.

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