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You can pick from 4 beginner classes during character creation. Additional classes are unlocked as the player levels up and meets the requirements.

Changing Classes

Class change can be done by speaking to an NPC found at Cassell College (318, 346).

Class Transfer NPC.png

Players must be at least level 40 in order to switch classes. Unlocking a new class begins at 300,000 gold and maxes at 1.2 million, increasing each time a class is unlocked by the player. Switching between previously unlocked classes is free of charge.

There is a cooldown time of 24 hours between switching classes. If the player has completed Summit, the cooldown reduces to 2 hours.

During a change, a menu to convert the equipped weapon to the other class' type will appear, which is mandatory. After the change, physical/magic attack, strength/intelligence, and elemental attack stats will be converted accordingly. This allows unsuitable stats to become suitable for one's preferred class, given they match the new class' type before switching back. Draconics are automatically transferred, sometimes converted.

Beginner Classes

There are 4 classes you can select from at character creation:

Advanced Classes

These classes are shown in character creation but cannot be accessed. The following are unlocked by clearing a Main Quest mission of a certain level, and reaching a certain player level.

This process is unique to each character. For example, while the first character has cleared the conditions, creating a second on the same account will still disallow advanced classes from being selected.

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