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Chisei Gen is one of the main characters in Dragon Raja, as well as a recruitable 6-Star Ally.


Cassell College Japan Division Execution Bureau Head, Minamoto Clan Chief, 74th Hydra High Patriarch, Amaterasu, and a super hybrid that inherited the royal blood.

He owns No. 91 EX·Sovereignty and weapons including Spider Fang and Tong Angang. He also mastered the original Japanese katana skills.

He wants a peaceful life and dreams to set up a sunscreen vendor, but he does not want to fail everyone's expectation. He is brave, righteous and self-restrained. A true Samurai that thinks for others.

Personality Stats
Adaptive 555
Leader 707
Courageous 1080
Friendly 381
Sensitive 242

"How much can a man pay for justice?"


Talent Refinement - Sword Arts: Execution

Ultimate Skill Enhance: Damage increased 30%, physical damage taken by target increased by 10% or 10 seconds.

[+10 unlock] to increase damage dealt by 50%, and increase target's dual defense reduction effect by 230%.

There's no need for you to argue your case. Because no one will listen.

Chisei Gen.jpg

Ultimate Skill - Sakamaki Ryu

At Lv.1, Chisei Gen's ancient swordcraft deals heavy physical damage to up to 5 enemies within 5 meters of the target and decreasing the target's dual attack for 10 sec.

The king of the Hydras learned the purest ancient swordcraft from the masters.

EX Skill - EX·Sovereignty

At Lv.1, When attacking, Chisei Gen has a chance to use EX: Sovereignty, creating a gravity well within 5 meters of the target, knocking down up to 10 enemies and slowing them, and dealing heavy physical damage within 6 seconds.

EX: Sovereignty is the mark of Amaterasu Mikoto.

Passive Skill - Kyoshin Meichi Ryu

At Lv.1, Increases character dual attack.

The High Patriarch is the youngest master of the Kyoshin Meichi Ryu in its history.


Troubles of a Patriarch

Today, Daddy asked me to attend another clan meeting at the palace. To tell you the truth, if I could, I´d never step pfoot in there. Solemn architecture, mysterious totems, loyal and devoted ministers... Hopefull old father, every little part of that palace reminds me of a reallty I´d rather forget. You´re a sovereign, Amaterasu-Blessed, young master, heir to the High Patriarch, but you´re not Chisei Gen himself. I met a french guy online. He opened a little sunsreen shop ion a famous nude beach in Montalivet and he´s doing well. His shop is open every Party and every day of the Party he sees thousands of naked women. he wears nothing but a hatto block the sun, and carries a box filled with all kinds of sunsreen. When he sses a pretty girl, he gives her a free sample. As Party ends, people get fewer and fewer, he closes his shop and goes to Paris to collect unemployment benefits until the next Party. That´s a good life. No need to keep a pistol under your pillow and you may drink yourself silly. To tell you the truth, if Daddy passes me the position of High Patriarch, I guess I´ll have to dissolve the clan and fly to France to sell sunscreen. I hope my daddy could be tolerable enough to accept it.

Strange individual

The people from Cassell College arrived. I don´t know how to describe them. They´re... strange. I knew a lot of them were weird, but I didn´t think the legendary elites they sentwould be like that too. They don´t seem to know what troubles are. The four people have completely different personalities, but they form a perfect team, which isn´t easy. I can feel that every one of them isreally strong. Strong hearts, strong minds, strong words. Really, I quite admire them. They have been through a lot, but their hearts are still pure. It would be great to become friends with them... But who knows...

Aviable forms

  • normal (6-stars)
  • College (6-stars)
  • Christmas (6-stars)
  • Captain (6-stars)
  • New year (6-stars)
  • Band (6-stars)