Dragon Raja Mobile Wiki

The Core is a basic game mechanic that can be located and accessed at the bottom right of the screen. By acquiring and inserting gems, items that can be awarded and obtained through various activities, the player can increase their statistics.




Slots: 16

The main Core centers on the elemental gems: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. It is automatically unlocked with the Core feature itself.

Visually, the core is a triangle pyramid in shape, thus four sides. Each side pertains to an element and can be snapped to using the Quick View tab. Only gems of the side's element may be equipped there, a menu with 9 slots being displayed when a side is selected. However, edge slots are shared with other sides so there are truly 16 slots instead of 36.


Slots: 8

The secondary core centers solely on Spirit gems. It is unlocked when the main core is Level 11.

Visually, the core is a cube. Since this core only uses Spirit gems, it displays one menu upon selection.

Level Effects

Once all gems slotted into the core reach a certain level, the core will gain a stat boost. Simultaneously, the level up for the main core may unlock a weapon effect.

Weapon effects are cosmetic auras that can be equipped to a weapon. They can be selected or unequipped solely in the Core menu as opposed to the Wardrobe like other cosmetics, such as Weapon Skins.

Elemental Gems
Level CON/STR/INT/INS/DEX Slow/Bound Resistance Freeze/Petrify Resistance Down/Aerial Resistance Weapon Effect
5 +12
7 +24 +5%
10 +36 +5% River Styx
11 +36 +5% Nightbloom
12 +36 +10% Blizzard
13 +41 +10% Undying
14 +59 +10% +10% Anno 2077
15 +83 +15% +15% Imaginary

Spirit Gems
Level CON/STR/INT/INS/DEX Time Stop Resistance Fear Resistance Silence Resistance
5 +6
7 +12 +5%
10 +18 +5%
11 +18 +5%
14 +30 +10%
15 +42 +15%

*Neither table is completed.


Types of Gems

Gems will only effect CON, STR/INT, INS, and DEX. Spirit gems will add to any of these, given they are a main stat.

Main stats are unique to a class, symbolized with an M and are found listed in the Profile menu.

Earth CON
Water INS
Wind DEX
Spirit Main Stats

Ways to Obtain

There are countless ways to obtain gems, to the point that it would take too long to list them all.

The most common place to find gems are the reward boxes from various events, such as Dragon Hunting, dropping Lv. 1 gems of a random type. There are also World Events and rewards from exchanges. The latter can have high level gems or Gem Coupons of Lv. 1X, commonly Lv. 10, in stock. Furthermore, limited events may offer high level gems as claimable rewards.

The easiest and quickest way to obtain gems is to outright buy them from the shop in the mall. The Shop offers Lv. 5 gems that those typically rewarded and have an gem value of 16. By spending coupons, the player can get one of each type daily at the cost of 60 coupons each. These will give the player a Level 6 gem that has an value of 32.

However, purchasing gems is not recommended as it is quite easy to freely amass gems. Instead, it is better to save funds for Fusion Essence as it is a must to fuse gems together, starting at the creation of Lv. 10's. Unlike gems, the latter is only freely obtained weekly as part of the 750 Activity Chest. Also, without the Fusion Essence, gems will slowly begin to amass to the point that purchasing them will feel regretful.


To upgrade a gem, the player first needs to increase its gem value, a system that allows the player to combine two same-leveled gems to become a single gem one level higher than the ones combined.

This chart works under the assumption that the player is creating the desired gem in one sitting with Lv. 1 gems, represented by "Gem Value". As such, the required Gold and Fusion Essences listed follow this trend. Given that gems higher than Level 1 can be dropped or obtained by free means, this chart's cost calculations are not always 100% the case.

Level CON/STR/INT/INS/DEX Gem Value Fusion Essence Gold:
1 +1 1
2 +2 2 1,000
3 +4 4 3,000
4 +8 8 7,000
5 +12 16 15,000
6 +20 32 31,000
7 +32 64 63,000
8 +50 128 128,000
9 +70 256 258,000
10 +92 512 1 518,000
11 +120 1024 3 1,038,000
12 +150 2048 7 2,078,000
13 +210 4096 15 4,158,000
14 +290 8192 31 8,318,000
15 +410 16384 63 16,638,000