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Cuisines is one of the Careers available in the game. There are 10 different stages within it, each one dishing out new awards upon completion. Starting off as a waiter, Players can move up the ranks and eventually climb their way up to being a S7 Michelin Chef. Requirements to advance are split between three different types of points:

  • Ingredients
  • Cook Ability
  • Menu Ability

Tasks concerning each activity take Career Vitality, 360 vit refilling daily.

Each promotion to a higher rank increases the point requirement and also unlocks new recipes.


Ingredients can be bought from various shops around the map. However to increase the ingredient gauge, Players have to collect ingredients themselves. Different ingredients are located in a variety of places. Although the game will direct you to the general vicinity where a targeted ingredients is located at, Players must discover for themselves where each ingredient can be picked from.

Gathering the Ingredients

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Before cooking, we must get ingredients. To find them, there is 2 methods :

  • Buying them from Shops - They have all the ingredients and seasonings that you will need across multiple vendors for gold. It is also necessary since most can only be bought and are not harvestable. Players will not get any Ingredients Pts from shopping.
    • All prices of the ingredients are identical, no matter the map. If curious, see the sheet for price listings and a calculator for the total gold costs.
  • Gathering the ingredients yourself - The ingredients will spawn randomly, some depending on factors such as the weather as well. Players can look at the ingredients' descriptions to know where and hints at when to find them.
    • See this spreadsheet to see the locations of ingredients and known conditions that will give an Ingredient Pt bonus or penalty.

Collect / Fishing

Players will often stumble upon sparkling plants or encounter a place where a small prompt circle will appear. A random number of the ingredient the Player is trying obtain will be gotten after one full 30s circle. Canceling the action/animation before a full circle will not yield anything from it.

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Collect : Players can collect vegetables and fruits, honey also being a vegetable. You will find them surrounded with green sparkles. Once one stands close enough, a prompt circle with a sprout image will appear. Interact to collect them.

Fishing : Players can also go fishing. Unlike with vegetation, where the Player knows what they're getting with the exception of the Strange Plant, fishing yields random ingredients from a certain roster. There are two different prompts for fishing. You will find that most spots are where fishing cages are located either on the water's edge or in deeper waters, the cages having a prompt circle with fish peeking out of water. The other is standing on the shore to fish and it has a prompt circle with a fishing pole.

Rare ingredients

It is recommended to team up with friend to get rare ingredient. They are under the guard of a variety of creatures. You could use stealth or put them to sleep or ask friend to distract them. [1][2]

Ingredients Location How to get
Screenshot 2020-08-02 at 16.30.28.png
Siberia Harbor (226,343) > Kill the Guardian then pick the ingredient.

> Lure the Guardian to the nearby rock formation, then run to the direction away from the truffle and the rock formation. The guardian will try to return, but will get blocked by the rock formation. Go around and pick up the truffle. > Sneak steal while the guardian is sleeping

Strange Plant Icy Lair (89,57) > The guardian is really sensitive to all player who touch the plant.

> If you lure guardian away and someone try to collect it, the guardian will return back to the plant and change his target to the person who touch it.

> Pick up a nearby invisibility plant to be able to harvest the strange plant without being noticed. Dashing or attacking will dispel the invisibility.

Screenshot 2020-08-02 at 16.30.13.png
  • (243,297)
  • (162,107)
  • (188,170);

Cassell College

  • (310,365)
  • (286,186)


  • (222,237)
  • (171,198)
> There are too many bees. Team up with friends to distract the bees while you get honey.

> You can fly and land on top of the trees in 2 spots (beach area and near the basketball court) in Chizuru. You can safely gather the honey from there.

Cook Ability

This gauge can be filled in numerous ways:

  • Cooking dishes
  • Cooking in the shop (only can be done if the player also has the Open Shop career activated as well)

Menu Ability

Menu Ability can be increased via recipes and creating recipes.

Hidden Recipes

There are some recipes that are hidden from Players. To learn them 100%, it is necessary that Players get specific ingredients, seasoning and cooking steps. An easy way to get recipes, go find some books in Tokyo Tower. On the tables, they are almost everywhere. Read a recipe and you will find hints from it. Use them to find out the hidden recipes in Self-develop cooking step by step.

List of Dragon Raja's Recipe


Kitchen is divided into Make for Sale and Make for Gifts.

Make for Sale

You can make food for sale 2 times a day. Food made for sale can be sold to other players, EVA also buying anything listed +10%. The act consumes 50 Stamina, 25 per dish, out of the 100 that is reset everyday.

Make for Gifts

Bentos can be made 10 times a day and can either be eaten or gifted to friends. Additional Food companions can be placed with the bento, adding an effect to it, these include:

  • Mint leaves : Removes Bloated status
  • Chili Oil : Add Warmth
  • Haw Flakes : When you eat to much this bento will return your status to full and you can eat more.
  • Mutant Fish : Transform into a monster randomly
  • Lucky Clover : Luck increase

Luck bentos are the most used bentos by Players in hopes of higher valued drops.

Besides the types of bentos with their different effects, there are 4 different tiers of bentos:

  • Beginner Bento
  • Intermediate Bento
  • Advanced Bento
  • Super Bento

Each tier, from Beginner to Super, gives stats better than the previous but does not influence the bento's special effects, if any.

Self-develop Cooking

Self-develop cooking is made possible for Players to unlock hiddens or recipes cuisines. However, you need to use the correct ingredients, seasoning and cooking steps to unlock new recipes.

The best thing is when you finish self-develop cooking, you don't have to study the recipes anymore! It will be 100%. Finished studying from the start !

Seasoning can be added during stirring, frying, steaming, baking, mixing and finishing to enhance the flavor of the final product. Adding too much seasoning can result in some strange-tasting foods.

Select Ingredients

Screenshot 2020-08-01 at 00.22.47.png

The first step is to select ingredients which Players can get in the fridge and the drinks cabinet. For Recipe invention, you must select ingredients from the fridge. As for the Drink invention, you must select them from the drinks cabinet.

If you plan to prepare some recipe, but you select the drink cabinet. You will lost your ingredients you gather or bought. Please be careful.

Cooking Process

After selecting the ingredients, players will need to choose the methods to prep the ingredients and finish the recipe. While preparing ingredients, there are seasonings that Players can use. Be careful, this is the hard part. Some recipes are unnecessary to prep which you can pass this process.

Preparing Ingredients

There is 3 methods to prep the ingredients which consist the basic process in the cooking.

Recipe Invention :

  • Chopping : slicing, dicing, hacking, cleaving, pounding and carving. Selectable step in cookery.
  • Stirring : stirring ingredients creates a more uniform mixture. Seasoning can be added at this stage.

Drink Invention :

Mix : mixing is a basic step in the production of drinks. Additional flavors can be added before mixing

Finishing Recipe

When finishing the prepare you can use kitchenware to finish the progress there is 4 ways to do with fry/stream/bake and blend , while doing there will be a mini game for you, If you win the game it will success but it is't the food will be burnt when finishing the dish but burnt it and you will lose your develop chance, to prevent it from happening you must exist the room before you lose the game.

Recipe Invention :

  • Frying : Food is placed in boiling hot oil and turned over repeatedly. Seasoning can be added at this stage.
  • Steaming : Food is placed in a container over boiling water. Seasoning can be added at this stage
  • Baking : Food is placed inside an oven and cooked using radiant heat. Seasoning can be added at this stage.

Drink Invention :

Blend : Different drinks be added to take the edge off spirits, making them more palatable and easier to digest. Additional flavors can be added before mixing or after to adjust the taste.


The final step is the Appraisal. If you get the ingredients and methods of cooking correctly, you should be able to activate hidden or recipe cuisine. Players will get new menu and titles if it reach the goals.

If you messed up the process, selected the wrong ingredients or failed the minigame, you will get Dark Cuisine which means FAIL. If you already know the recipe you wanted and made a mistake, or you failed the minigame on the last step, you can clear your plate instead of appraising it. By doing so, especially since failing the minigame is an auto fail, you can restart the process while not using your daily attempts.