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Official Announcements

As of: June 16, 2021

Please read the original source for excluded details at the Facebook Post listing the recent update features.


The 1st Dragon Raja Tournament is coming to an end!
The Final contest starts at 20:00 on Jun. 19th. Please get out of dungeons, home and club base before the Elimination starts to ensure your entrance.
Moderator Note Remember to place your bets on a team for extra rewards. If your team wins, you get more rewards!


White Season login rewards reset.
From Jun. 17 to Jun. 30, all players can claim a Memory Coupon every day when your daily activity reaches 60 and 90. Also there’s lots of other login gifts await you in game.
Moderator Note Reach 60 & 90 activity points for 2 extra coupons! All special events during this campaign also give memory coupons.

New Content

Be sincere and speak the truth!
Prank Master knows your heart. Whatever you want to know from your loved one, he’ll help you with it. From Jun. 17 to Jun. 30, all players can find the Prank Master to join the event, and have a chance to get some EXP, Gold, Lv. 8 Gem Coupon, Lv. 10 Gem Coupon as rewards.
New event Tricks for all!
From Jun. 17 to Jun. 30, talk to the event messenger Matomi to join the event. You have a chance to get some EXP, Gold, Flower Giftbox and other rewards.
Time-limited sale of Sweet Summer packs.
From Jun. 10 to Jun. 23, players can buy Sweet Summer Pack in mall, and get coupons, which can be used to redeem some awesome headwear, frame, avatar, tattoo and even lv.11 gem coupons.

Top Up

Top up to win abundant rewards!
After this update on Jun. 10 to Jun. 17, top up to specified amounts of coupons to claim super valuable rewards. Please notice that only the top ups made after the update are counted, and the top ups won’t be reset at 1200 a.m. From this Total Top-up event, players can claim lots of rewards, including some Party Stamps, which can be used to redeem outfit weapon, Exotic Land outfit/hair, avatar, frame, moments decoration and Dream Vouchers.

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