Dragon Raja Mobile Wiki

Gunslingers use dual guns and high-tech weapons to hunt down their prey from a distance.
These hunters have two action bars—the primary bar for their damage skills, and the secondary for utilities including Spider Mines and Stealth Camouflage. Most Gunslinger skills can be cast while moving.

Gunslingers are one of the four starter classes for Dragon Raja, and an entirely ranged class. Class changes can be performed by the NPC Cygnet <Class Transfer> at Cassell College (318, 346) at the cost of gold. Gold required for Class Qualification increases after each unlocked class, but transferring classes won't cost any gold.


Damage Max
Explosivity High
Survivability Mid
Control Mid
Assist Low
Range Max
Difficulty Low

Gunslingers use physical attack, CRIT., and wind attack. General stats are concentration, strength, and dexterity.


Each skill has different durations, percentages, target limits, and cooldowns dependent on the skill level.

Gunslingers have 2 skill sets: Rapid Fire and Heavy Form, DPS and utility respectively. Where other classes have a skill to switch between forms, there is a switch icon which switches between the two skill sets. There is no cooldown when switching between the two.

Rapid Fire

Arbiter of Peace From 4-dimensional space.

Knock away enemies and deal physical damage. Switch to Heavy Form momentarily. Immune to delay, normal attack becomes Suppression, movement speed is reduced and becomes immune to all control effects when activating.

α-Particle Canon Death ray ready to fire!

Expand all energy to deal physical damage to enemies in a single straight line and inflicting delay. Damage is increased for every energy spent to a maximum. Requires a minimum amount of energy, and cannot be used when energy is low. Immune to most control effects when activating.
Drag skill button to choose attack direction. Can be cancelled after pulling joystick after 1 second.

Wind Shot Olof the research invented a component designed to reduce a bullet's wind resistance, but he fitted it in backwards.

Deal physical damage to the target and restore energy, and inflict Wind Mark momentarily.

Pulse Bomb Warning: Ensure sufficient recoil distance.

Spend energy to fire a pulse bomb, dealing physical damage to the target and nearby enemies. Cannot use when energy is low.

Heavy Form

Stealth Camouflage Warning: Misuse will result in detention.

Enters invisible status and clears all control effects while increasing defense. While invisible, enemies cannot see nor select the player, but the player will still sustain AOE damage.

Heat Blast What does this button do?

Summon a satellite that bombards the target after a set time, dealing heavy physical damage to the target and nearby enemies and inflicting delay momentarily.

SPI Landmine Warning: Do not leave landmines around.

Place an SPI Landmine, which lasts for a set time and becomes invisible shortly after deployment. SPI Landmine will lock onto and pursue an enemy when approached, exploding on contact, dealing physical damage to multiple enemies and inflicting aerial. SPI Landmine can be triggered by invisible targets and can track invisible targets.

Tesla Solenoid This is a direct current.

Summon a Tesla Solenoid at the target location temporarily. Tesla Solenoid shocks a random nearby target every few moments, dealing physical damage and inflicting shock.
Drag skill button to choose attack direction.


Wind Mark Normal attacks and Pulse Bombs trigger a Wind Blast when an entity with Wind Mark is attacked.


The extent of each EX is dependent on player's EX level.

Hawkeye Releases Devi Wind to find weaknesses of the target, which lowers target's dual defense. The effect enhances as the target's HP decreases, maximum 3 times of the initial effect. At the same time, it increases the target's taken damage by 35% and target's chance to receive CRIT. damage by 10%. Lasts 16 seconds. If the target is another player, all effects of Hawkeye will weaken to different levels.
Devil Wind Unleashes the mysterious power of EX: Wind Devil, which enhances CRIT. level of all allies within a 10 meter radius. Players affected will be instantly released from all control effects, hit their targets without fail and their movement speed increases by 50%, dodge by 20%, and CRIT. rate by a bonus 15% for 6 seconds. Can be used whilst under control effects.


The extent of each talent is dependent on player level.

C Talent

Precision Strike Each CRIT. grants one Precision Strike, increasing CRIT. damage momentarily. Can be stacked.
Charged Implosion Normal attack, Wind Shot, and Wind Blast gives double energy on CRIT.
Charging Core When energy is full, unleashes an Energy Imbued effect. All damage dealt is increased, and lasts for a set time. Subject to cooldown.

B Talent

Explosive Rounds Energy used by Pulse Bomb becomes a set amount of points, and causes an increased amount of its original damage.
Pulsing Wind Wind Mark effect duration is extended. Each Wind Blast trigger restores energy.
Electromagnetic Storm Increases the damage of Tesla Solenoid. Each discharge effects a set amount of enemies.

A Talent

Fragment Mine SPI Landmine explosion increases CRIT. chance on enemies momentarily.
Concealment When using Stealth Camouflage, gain momentary damage reduction.
Sneak Attack When releasing a skill in invisibility mode, unearth effect is triggered. Within a short time, CRIT. rate is increased and super armor is gained.

S Talent

Focused Bombardment Orbital Bombardment hits targets, each hit dealing a set percentage of damage with delay.
Gamma Chain Each normal attack CRIT. reduces α-Particle Canon cooldown.
Infinite Firepower Heavy Form physical damage and magic damage taken is reduced and Suppression recharges energy. The more enemies hit, the energy is recharged.

Deep Talent

The extent of each deep talent is dependent on player level.

Rapid Fire

Target Weakness 5 Talent Points CRIT. damage increased.
Wind Barricade 2 Talent Points Wind Blast causes slow.
Chain Explosion 5 Talent Points When Pulse Bomb hits an enemy, with Wind Mark, chance to trigger chain Wind Blasts on nearby enemies.
Double Pulse 4 Talent Points When a Pulse Bomb detonates, there is a set chance of activating a second half-damage Pulse Bomb. Does not consume energy.
Rapid Fire 5 Talent Points Each normal attack has a chance to trigger Rapid Fire for 6 seconds.
'Mark-0 High Explosive 5 Talent Points Normal attack and Pulse Bomb deal increased damage.
CRT-VI Gun Assembly 4 Talent Points Each set amount of energy spent increases CRIT. level momentarily.
Wind Crest 3 Talent Points Elemental damage dealt by Wind Blast increases.
Wind Shield 5 Talent Points Movement speed and dodge rate is increased under Rapid Fire status.
Target Locked 5 Talent Points After dealing damage to a single target for a set consecutive time, target will take increased damage from the player. Subject to cooldown.
Wartime Calibration System 1 Talent Point When the player activates Target Locked, hit rate is increased momentarily.


Sniper's Soul 5 Talent Points The further away from the target, the greater the damage.
Sneak Attack 3 Talent Points Increased movement speed while invisible. Removed when invisibility is broken.
Auxiliary Power β 4 Talent Points Dodge and jump dash costs less endurance.
Contingency Plan 3 Talent Points When HP gets below a certain percentage, trigger a one-time stealth camouflage , reducing damage taken momentarily. Subject to cooldown.
Armor Piercing Shell II 5 Talent Points Normal attacks have a chance to reduce target physical defense.
ER-2 Energy Recovery Unit 5 Talent Points Recover energy on kill.
Firearm Modding 5 Talent Points Physical attack increased.
Elemental Bullets 5 Talent Points Wind attack increased.
Armor-Piercer 5 Talent Points AP rate increased.
Runic Affinity 3 Talent Points Increased effect when Recovery Rune and other buff runes are triggered.
Rapid Advance 5 Talent Points Movement speed increased.

Heavy Form

Aim Assist AT-X 5 Talent Points Hit rate increased.
Static Feedback 3 Talent Points Tesla Solenoid recovers energy when dealing damage.
Spread Particle Shield 5 Talent Points α-Particle Canon grants a shield based on energy spent in a set time. Energy will recover when shield is in effect.
Shield Blast 5 Talent Points When Spread Particle Shield disappears, it will cause damage and knock nearby enemies away.
Steamy Vortex 5 Talent Points Extra damage reduction effect is received when the player uses α-Particle Canon. Each point of energy adds proportionate damage reduction (up to a set percentage, gradually reduced with the release of energy, lost immediately once cancelled halfway).
Heavy Firepower 5 Talent Points HMG suppression damage increased, with a chance to reduce target movement speed momentarily.
Zealot Modding 5 Talent Points Attacks cause a random small area burn effect and damage.
GPS 2 Talent Points Orbital Bombardment hit rate increased.
Sim-SPI Mine 1 Talent Point Dodge skill summons a mobile mine with a smaller trigger radius and immediately explodes on triggering.
Blinding Light Landmine 5 Talent Points SPI Landmine or mobile mine explosions lower enemy hit rate momentarily.
Heat Flow 5 Talent Points Regain energy when Heat Blow hits an enemy.