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Luminous is one of the main characters in Dragon Raja, as well as a recruitable 6-Star Ally.


Luminous is the only student with an S-rated talent (a body rating of E or below) in Cassell College, which is the same rating as Principal Anjou. However, he explains early on that he is not skilled at fighting.

His main extra skill is EX·Immortal. All his extra skills are exclusives. The origins of these extra skills are unknown.

His parents, who are doing research in an unspecified location, have to been a huge influence to him. He has been living with his uncle, aunt, and cousin Ming·Z·Lu since he was young, and had an average life before entering the college. However, he showed his talent in Esports.

Although he refuses to admit it, he barely had any friends growing up. He was also always lonely before entering Cassell College due to Blood Cry. As such, Cassell College changed his life.


He is physically a handsome young man with eyes that lean down slightly. He was honored with the title of "a charming treasure" by Humpback Whale, a famous shop manager in Japan. He appears to be a weak, poor and powerless person, with refined bravery in his soul and who is always generous to his friends. He has shown that he will do anything for them when necessary.

"We're all little monsters, however, if the Ultraman who represents justice comes, I'll kill him for you."


Ex-Immortal/Ex-Don't Die: This EX grants Luminous immunity against fatal injuries, and also gives him faster healing.


A real S Grade has appeared!

The principal assigned a report for today´s Dragon Servitor Invasion drill, which will be counted towards the internship credit an considered for scholarship. Recently, I had too much late night takeaways with Finger and can´t afford losing this kind of writing credit. I´ll just write a diary to record my experience from today. Befor that, we were informed of this drill scheduled within this weekwithout knowing which day exactly. When I woke up form my snooze, ready for a relaxing morning, those popping up Dragon Servitors scared me out of my wits. The most embarrassing part was that I lost face in front of a freshamn named <player name>. We met when I was chased by several Dragon Servitors. I ran wildly across the campus with vigoros strides (staggering along) but tripped over a rock and fell on all fours. Luckily, <player name> helped me stopped those Dragon Servitors. I calmed down when I realized it was only a drill and comforted the freshman that I would kill those Dragon Servitors to make him dragon bone soup for lunch, While I was quite excited in my imagination world, that freshman finished all those Dragon Servitors! I led <player name> to find my senior and boss only to find out that the former had been kidnapped by Dragon Servitors while the latter hat chased after them. When we got there, boss was injured. Senpai Killboy showed up as we were taking cae of boss´s wounds. Then it became <player name>´s solo show time. He poundes the kidnapping dragon down hard and the principal appeared in the end to finish the battle with his unreal EX. The principal said <player name> was another S Grade student. Considering his brilliant performance today, he will become an awesome warrior just like boss and Senpai Killboy. He will probably become a real S Grade dragon slayer, way better than me who can only risk his life to launch special attacks. <player name> is coming to Japan with us this time, Finally I can take care of the newbie as a senpai. I very much look forward spending time with <player name> in the future!

A miserable day


  • In both the Dragon Raja novel and manhwa, Luminous is the main character.
  • His original Chinese name is Lu Mingfei. His Japanese name is Ro Meihi.
  • His phone number is 001 773 2009515.
  • He is married to Erii Uesugi.