Dragon Raja Mobile Wiki

The Mall is a menu accessible in the game's top bar. Its' icon is that of a shopping cart.

Inside, there are five tabs related to currency, both virtual and real. For the latter, it is diamonds and gold.


Selling items is one of the major ways to earn diamonds, given there are sellable drops. In this tab, the player is able to list an item, or stack of, in an empty slot using gold. Doing so will reward the amount of diamonds they had set as the selling price.

For the seller, they will see that all items will have their own fixed prices. However, the seller is able to raise or lower the base price by a certain percentage in 10% increments. While such adjustments require an appropriate amount of gold, it is worthwhile, given the importance of diamonds.


Retrieve your earnings from selling items.


This is a store where the Player is able to spend their diamond earnings.

It includes materials, gear and cosmetics among other things.


This mostly requires real money.


This requires real money.


This requires real money.