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Ming·Z·Lu is one of the side characters in Dragon Raja, as well as a recruitable 6-Star Ally.


The boy has a pair of light golden eyes and looks about 13 to 14 years old, handsome and elegant. He always wears a black suit with a white silk scarf and a pair of white square toe leather shoes.


Ming·Z consistently interacts with Luminous and (Player). More often than not, it is to steer whoever he is speaking to towards a certain direction.



Luminous calls this boy "Little Devil" and, in return, he calls Luminous "Brother". Despite no indication he is his brother, nor liked, Ming·Z does so anyway.

Ming·Z tends to stop time or transfer Luminous to a dreamland to talk. However, much to the latter's annoyance, he does so to make attempts at steering the other's behavior. Often, he suggests that Luminous accept dealings that involve himself gaining a quarter of Luminous' soul for a service. That, or give out free gifts as a preview of his capabilities in frustration at constant refusal.

Zero (Renata)

As Z, he befriends both Renata and (Player) at Black Swan Bay's orphanage. At some point, the two make an oath. After Renata dies during the attack, he recovers her body and presumably revives her.


Ultimate Skill - Ability Boost

At Lv.1, Ming·Z·Lu brings the dream world into reality, randomly granting 1-4 buffs, including Crit, AP, Multiple and CD, lasts 10 sec.

Anything that hasn't happened can be changed.

Special Skill - Royal Whispers

At Lv.1, When attacking, Ming·Z·Lu has a chance to create a zone that disables skills at the target's feet and reduces the target's Move SPD for 10 sec.

Snap, and the flowing air stopped.

Passive Skill - Blood Gift

At Lv.1, Increases Multistrike and Multistrike%

A gift of blood, a sword of blood, which will never break.


  • In the novel, some details are clearer
    • Ming·Z's real identity is...
      • Z/Zero originates from his room number at the orphanage
      • Ming·Z is the name of Luminous' cousin, which had greatly confused the latter
    • He has a physical body and can detach from it. He aims for Luminous' soul, and by proxy his body, to one day free his own from its current imprisonment