Dragon Raja Mobile Wiki

Unlocking a Motor

Name Level Rating From
Phoenix Storymode
Hover Board 35 17.500 Use item "For Motor Trial"
Tempest 58 35.000
Guttuso Style 65 45.000
Interstellar shuttle 73 55.000
Sonic Magic 80 62.500
Cyber Rover 80 70.000
Blue Aviation Colby Reward Day 2
Market Queen Colby Reward Day 8
Love Balloon Colby Reward Day 14
Eternal Heart Gold Secret Key
Phantom Lord Blood Cry Key
Leviathan Song World Tree Emblem
Nidhogg's Fury Gacha
Divine Mount School Board Gold Medal
Iron Heart Assault Unknown
Dream Rainbow Top-Up Reward
Dream Messenger "Cheer on Cassel" Event

Hover Board

You will get a item called "For Motor Trial" Use it. This will give you a quest to see the Gear Department Deputy. When you completed the quest you get a "Motor Production Material Case" in your inventory. Once you used it you get the plan for the hover board.


Motors can be painted in new colours after unlocking them. To unlock a colour you need a certain amount of Paint Cans. You can get them from the Store for 105 diamonds each, playing Gacha or from Secret Keys. Some Motors require Colorful Paint Cans, which you can get in the Store for 575 diamond each, combining 6 Paint Cans or from a Secret Key. To be able to unlock certain colours you need to Evolve the motor to the specific tier. Once you have unlocked a colour you can freely switch between them.

Some Motors also unlock a paint. Which controls on how the colours look. Like Plain, Glossy or Shiny.


To refit a motor you need a couple materials. To refit a Motor you need 3 different items.

Early Motors you can get a blueprint from the Refit Supplier for 100.000 Gold each. For the others you will need to get a "MOD Design Doc II. They cost 951 diamonds in the Shop. They can also be bought from Auction after Club contests.

The second item you gonna need are Transmissions which you can get from the Shop for 197 diamonds each, Gacha or Secret keys. You will need between 1-8 of them depending on refit.

Last item are Fine Refit parts From the Refit Supplier for 15.000 Gold each.


Motors can be evolved, starting from grade B to SSS. Every time you do Evolution the different stats will randomly increase. Once they all hit max it will improve the motor's grade. Once it moves up a grade, there is an additional stat to upgrade and it will require more Evolution Stones per evolution.

Due to this system of random increases, the usage amount of stones is unique for each instance of a motor.

The process is as follows:

Grade Types of Stats Evolution Stone(s) Unlock
B —> A HP, P.DEF, M.DEF 1 Colours and Fly
A —> S HP, P.DEF, M.DEF, P/M ATK 2 Colours and Stunt
S —> SS HP. P.DEF, M.DEF, P/M ATK, Elemental ATK 3 Colour, Paint and Super
SS —> SSS HP. P.DEF, M.DEF, P/M ATK, Elemental ATK, AP 1 (Evo. Stone X) Colour and Paint

Unlike regular Evo. Stones that can drop freely, Evolution Stone X can only be bought in the Shop or obtained through paid gachas.