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Open Shop is one of the Careers available in the game. To advance to a higher tier, players must open shop and list products to gain popularity. Upon reaching a certain amount of popularity, the shop is advanced. Players can open shop from 08:00 - 23:00 server time. Upon opening, they consume 50 stamina and stays open for 3 hours.


Each shop begins with 50000 shop funds. They can be used for hiring and training clerks, advancing product levels, hiring chefs, expanding the shop, and the production of products. When successfully selling products, funds are gained.


There are 4 different types of products the player can produce. Depending on the shop level, there is a max amount of products that can be produced daily. All production methods consume career VIT for each item, along with shop funds. Depending on the proficiency level, more products of higher tiers are unlocked.

Icon Type Unlocked Tier Dependency Max Tier
Cooking Opening Shop Shop Level 10
Description Either by having a shop partner delegated to delicacy, hiring a chef, or by having the Cuisines career activated, the player can produce and list food items to sell in their shop. There are 4 food items a tier, for a total of 40.
Photogaphy Opening Shop Player Proficiency 3
Description Photos taken by the player can be listed as item within the shop. By recreating given images at certain locations, players can take photos and receive a grade depending on how well the taken image matches the given. By unlocking a new tier, more images can be taken.
Painting Reaching Brand Shop Player Proficiency 3
Description Using stencils, the player can either create spray painted products to list or for personal use. Each new tier unlocks new stencils, and ratings are given depending on well they meet the given guidelines.
Sculpting Reach Time Post Shop Player Proficiency 3
Description The player is able to create sculptures to list in the shop. Choosing from 4 different sculpture styles, the player uses different tools to sculpt. Depending on how well it's done, a rating is given.


Players can hire clerks to help them attract customers and promote products. Upon reaching different shop sizes, more clerks can be hired.

Beginner Shop 1 Clerk
Intermediate Shop 3 Clerks
Advanced Shop 6 Clerks

Clerks have 3 special attributes which assist in the chances of selling certain products. Each one has a decided specialty which further effect selling chances. The higher the level of the attributes, and the higher their enthusiasm for the day, the better the chances of selling and the more popularity gained per product.

Clerk Page.jpg

Training can increase a clerk's special attributes, and the limit increases as the shop level increases. Clerks can only be trained once per day. Training takes 8 hours, and can be done while the shop is closed. If training is ongoing when the shop of opened, it will stop for the duration of the open shop, and resume after closing.

Specialty Item(s)
Delicacy Sell Delicacy Items
2D Artistry Photos and Spray Paint Items
3D Thinking Sculpture Items


Players can invite friends to partner up for extra popularity.

Safety Protects against getting robbed. The higher the partner's rating, the higher chance for robberies to be stopped. Goods are sold for an extra 2% popularity, and can be increased to 6%.
Consumption Increases popularity with free deals. Goods are sold for an extra 2% popularity, and can be increased to 6%.
Training Clerks get up to 10 extra points when training. Goods are sold for an extra 2% popularity, and can be increased to 6%.
Delicacy Requires the partner to have the Cuisines career activated. Delicacies are sold for extra popularity, and the partner can cook their own items to list. The higher their career level, the higher the effect. Goods are sold for an extra 2% popularity, and can be increased to 6%.
Star Requires the partner to have the Superstar career activated. Photos, paintings, and sculptures are sold for extra popularity. The higher their career level, the higher the effect Goods are sold for an extra 2% popularity, and can be increased to 6%.


DIY allows the player to create temporary prints that is put on certain outfits. They can be made 5 times a day and be gifted to friends. The higher the shop level, the more prints are available. They last for 72 hours.

There are 4 outfits players can use DIY items on:

  • Cassel Uniform
  • Go! Mr. Casual
  • Wanton Youth
  • Young and Wild
Name Preview
Date Horn Date Horn.png
Loser Loser.png
Pretty! Pretty!.png
Amaterasu Amaterasu.png
Heartbroken Heartbroken.png
Cute Blow Cute Blow.png
Cute Cute.png
Devil Devil.png
Rage Rage.png
Noble Noble.png