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Reapers originally belonged to "White Rose" of the Gattuso family. They gained a new talent, unlocking an immense spiritual force — heart power. They are able to use heart power to create illusions in reality, causing extreme fear. Reapers utilize spiritual force into its symbols: cats and ravens. Spectral ravens deploy confusing dream mirrors and cause horror on enemies; while cats turn turn abundant mind power into endless magic rage, venting on enemies.

Reaper is the 6th and one of the 6 advanced classes, being introduced globally June 11th, 2020. Class changes can be performed by the NPC Cygnet <Class Transfer> at Cassell College (318, 346) at the cost of gold. Gold required for Class Qualification increases after each unlocked class, but transferring classes won't cost any gold.


Damage Max
Explosivity Max
Survivability Low
Control Medium
Assist Low
Range Max
Difficulty High

Reapers use magic attack, CDR, and earth attack. General stats are concentration, intelligence, and insight.


Each skill has different durations, percentages, target limits, and cooldowns dependent on the skill level. For Reapers, this includes taken and restored heart points, effect durations, skill distance, and more. Specifics to one's character can be viewed in-game.

Reapers have 2 stances: raven bind and cat bind. While the cat bind is focused on dealing damage, the raven bind is focused on heart point and player recovery.

Spectral Raven

Raven's Curse Restores heart points.

Shoots energy missiles forward, dealing magic damage to enemies. Each time a missile deals damage, there's a chance to bestow one of the Raven's Curses on the target for 5 seconds.

Demon Chain Restores heart points while dealing damage

Incites the spirit of raven and chains the target to oneself, dealing continuous magic damage to the target and nearby enemies for 5 seconds. The chain breaks when the distance between the player and target is above a set amount of meters. If the chain exists for more than 5 seconds, the target will be inflicted with Fear.

Raven's Shadow Costs heart points

Teleports backwards by a few meters while increasing physical defense. Can be used while crowd-controlled.

Phantom: Raven Costs heart points

The spirit of raven backtracks the player's HP to its number a moment ago(which will never lower one's HP), and casts stealth. Meanwhile, it acts as a duplicate and moves forward. It detonates when defeated or after a set time, dealing magic damage to enemies nearby and inflicts Fear.

Annihilation Restores heart points to a max

Imbues the spirit of raven and unleashes rays forward, dealing massive magic damage while restoring massive heart points.

Cat Bound quote in description

Bind with the Cat Spirit and enables all cat skills while increasing magic damage dealt. Using any cat skills generates stacks of Cat's Essence. Can be used when crowd controlled.

Spectral Cat

Claw of the Spectral Cat Costs heart points

Shoots energy blades forward, dealing magic damage to enemies. Heart points the next cat set skill uses is reduced.

Destruction Blast Costs heart points

Blasts the target area with a magical rope, dealing massive damage.

Doom Blast Costs no heart points

Summons a magical scythe with magical rope and rain hell ono target areas, dealing huge magic damage and delays the target. Consumes all Cat's Essence. Only available when a certain amount of stacks have been achieved. The level of the skill depends on the level of Destruction Blast.

Cat's Kiss Costs heart points

Teleports backwards in the selected direction by a certain amount of meters, while increasing physical defense. Can be used while crowd controlled.

Spectral Cat Costs heart points

The spirit of the cats acts as the player's duplicate, using Claw of the Spectral Cat and Destruction Blast, dealing a percentage of the player's damage. The skill level of the duplicate depends on the level of Phantom: Spectral Cat. The player also receives a Heart Gathering effect when using Phantom: Spectral Cat.

Grim Scythe Costs heart points

Evolves forbidden incantation and summons 4 scythes of the Spectral Cat to destroy all that stands in the way. Each scythe deals massive damage and knocks the target down.

Raven Bound Bind with the Raven Spirit and enables all raven skills. Multiple skills can be used to restore heart skills while Spectral Raven is active.

Extended Effects

Raven's Curses There are 3 Raven's Curses
  • Reduce damage dealt.
  • Increase damage taken.
  • Reduce CRIT. rate.
Fear Enemies inflicted with Fear flee uncontrollably. If they are inflicted multiple times in a short time frame, the duration diminishes greatly.
Cat's Essence Obtained when using any cat skills. One can upgrade Destruction Blast into Doom Blast when a certain amount of Cat's Essence stacks have been achieved. All stacks are removed when binding with the Raven Spirit, and the player loses one stack per second when not in combat.
Heart Gathering Heart points are recovered when hit, up to 10 times. Lasts 6 seconds.


The extent of each EX is dependent on player's EX level.

King's Servant Strengthens the stamina of alive allies nearby and encourages them to fight. Physical and magic attack of allies is increased momentarily, and the player recovers heart points with no attack boosts. Player and allies' movement speed and physical defense is increased.
Netherlight Refracts light, completely bending it around the caster and provides shadow protection to allies within 10 meters. Under the protection, all allies receive physical and magic defense, increased movement speed, reduce damaged taken, and enter stealth momentarily every so often.


The extent of each talent is dependent on player level.

C Talent

Heart Reconcile The effect of increasing heart point restoration speed with CDR is improved.
Cat Enhancement Cat Spirit's bonus magic damage boost is increased, and when a skill is used, there is a chance of granting extra Cat's Essence.
Destroy in Chain Destruction Blast increases damage from the next use of the skill, for a set amount of times. Destruction Blast and Doom Blast cannot miss.

B Talent

Cat's Walk Casting Cat's Kiss, Claw of the Spectral Cat does not consume heart points. Damage is increased and Super Armor is casted on the player momentarily.
Connected Nightmares Demon Chain recovers additional heart points when connected. Each curse on connected targets increases Demon Chain's damage.
Overload Annihilation increases heart points to a set amount, and temporarily increases HP for 30 seconds.

A Talent

Shadowy Raven Casting Raven's Shadow keeps the player in stealth momentarily, with a Raven's Shadow on the spot, casting Fear on nearby enemies. This effect can be triggered every so often.
Drain When dealing damage, Demon Chain heals the player. When the effect expires, Fear is casted.
Shadow Recall Casting Phantom-Raven takes the player back to their status from a few seconds ago.

S Talent

Surging Energy Max heart points are increased. Every few heart points consume, damage dealt by all class skills is increased.
Cat's Tango When switching to Spectral Cat, skills won't consume heart skills momentarily, and damage is increased. Desruction Blast cooldown is removed, and Super Armor is casted.
Destruction Shadow Casting Destruction Blast reduces Grim Scythe's cooldown and consumed heart points.

Deep Talent

The extent of each deep talent is dependent on player level.

Spectral Cat

Sly of a Fox 5 Talent Points Hit rate increases with Spectral Cat.
Smooth Move 2 Talent Points Casting Cat's Kiss, move speed increases greatly momentarily.
Pain 5 Talent Points Casting Phantom - Spectral Cat grants Heart Gathering. Heart points are gained each time the player is hit.
Blur 3 Talent Points Dodge rate increases for 3 seconds after Cat's Kiss is used.
Melt 5 Talent Points Damage dealt by Destruction Blast is increased.
High Magic 3 Talent Points Casting Destruction Blast causes magic damage to increase momentarily. Can be stacked.
Judgement 5 Talent Points Damage dealt by Grim Scythe increases.
AP 5 Talent Points Damage dealt by Destruction Blast and Grim Scythe lowers enemy defense momentarily. Can be stacked.8i8
Claw 3 Talent Points Damage dealt by Phantom: Spectral Cat increases.
Remaining Shadow 3 Talent Points When Phantom: Spectral Cat is active, magic damage dealt increases.
Spirit Knowledge 4 Talent Points Extends the duration of Phantom: Spectral Cat.
Agitation 5 Talent Points Increases CRIT. rate of Destruction Blast, activated by Phantom: Spectral Cat.


Fortitude 5 Talent Points Increased max HP.
Hunt 3 Talent Points Damage on targets inflicted with Fear is increased.
Nightmare Guarding 3 Talent Points Fear resistance increased.
Illusionist 3 Talent Points Enter Stealth when the player swaps places with their Phantom.
Go on the stage brightly 4 Talent Points Once Illusionist's Stealth is broken. Super Armor is temporarily gained.
Magic Affinity 3 Talent Points Magic attack increased.
Devour 3 Talent Points Recover a small amount of Heart Points when killing an enemy. Subject to cooldown.
Down Spirit 5 Talent Points When switching to Spectral Cat, heart points received switches to Spectral Raven. Dodge rate increases momentarily.
Heart Expansion 5 Talent Points Max heart points increased.
Magic Stamina 3 Talent Points Endurance recovery speed increased.
Inspiration 4 Talent Points Chance to not consume heart points when activating Raven's Shadow and Cat's Kiss.
Bewilder 4 Talent Points Physical defense when using Raven's Shadow and Cat's Kiss.

Spectral Raven

Torture 5 Talent Points Duration of Raven's Curse increases.
Mist 5 Talent Points Magic damage taken is reduced by Spectral Raven.
Waking 5 Talent Points When HP is less than a certain percentage, it resets Phantom: Spectral Raven cooldown and grants an absorbing shield momentarily. Subject to cooldown.
Gather 5 Talent Points Increases the absorption power of the Waking shield and gives a chance to resist knockdown and aerial when the shield is active.
Heat up 3 Talent Points Heart point recovery speed increased.
Crack 4 Talent Points When Demon Chain breaks, the cooldown time left decreases.
Collapse 5 Talent Points Every time Demon Chain deals damage, it will steal the target's magic defense momentarily. Can be stacked.
Feedback 5 Talent Points When in the Spectral Raven state, the player will regain a set amount of heart points every one time they are controlled. Subject to maxes.
Mark 3 Talent Points Raven's Curse effect increased.
Reflect 5 Talent Points Decreases damage taken when using Annihilation.