Dragon Raja Mobile Wiki

Soul Dancers provide powerful support to other squad members with buffs and healing overtime.

On top of that, Soul Dancers have a spiritual half which copy their crucial skills when Shadowy Light is active.

The synergy between the Soul Dancer and their twin a nightmare to enemies on the battlefield.

One of the four starter classes of Dragon Raja. They are an entirely ranged class, with a second entity serving in support, referred to as Gemini. Class changes can be performed by the NPC Cygnet <Class Transfer> at Cassell College (318, 346) at the cost of gold. Gold required for Class Qualification increases after each unlocked class, but transferring classes won't cost any gold.


Damage High
Explosivity Mid
Survivability High
Control Mid
Assist Max
Range High
Difficulty Mid

Soul Dancer use magic attack, CDR, and water attack. General stats are concentration, intelligence, and insight.


Each skill has different durations, percentages, target limits, and cooldowns dependent on the skill level.

Soul Dancers have 2 skill sets, but all skills can be used by the player. Switching between the 2 sets is unnecessary when in auto-combat.


Time Expansion I can win a race against time.

Greatly increases movement speed, CRIT. resistance, and cooldown reduction levels. When Time Expansion is used, if there is a pact with an ally and the pact partner is less than a certain distance away, pact partner will gain Time Twist.

Azure Mark The Azure Mark will consume you!

Create an alchemy circle of a certain radius, dealing heavy damage to random enemies per second within the area, and cannot miss. Drag skill button to choose attack direction.

Phase Shock Consume and explode!

Gemini moves through an invisible phase and teleports instantly to the site of the shock wave, deals heavy magic damage to enemies and causes damaged enemies to take on additional damage momentarily. Soul Dancer will stay at the target location temporarily.
Drag skill button to choose attack direction.

Iceglare Shock Light and frost!

Combines magic attack with Soul Dancer to deal magic damage to target and nearby enemies while recovering a small amount of HP and gradually increasing magic damage over a certain amount of time. Can be stacked. Frost blast released by Gemini will slow the damaged target and decrease their magic damage.
Drag skill button to choose attack direction.

Soul Dancer's Pact Will you sign a pact with me, and unleash the power of alchemy?

Forms a pact with an ally. When pact is in effect, decreases damage taken by both the player and ally. During the pact's duration, Time Expansion will cause the pact partner to gain Time Twist if they are within a certain distance.


Shadowy Light The light blends into shadow, turning black to white and white to black.

Gemini will copy all action of the player, including Witch's Kiss, Time Lock, and Recall Light. Passively increases Gemini normal attack and Iceglare Shock damage.

Witch's Kiss How did you become so cute?

Turn the target into a duckling, preventing them from attacking and greatly reducing their dual defense momentarily. Multiple transformations within a short period of time will greatly reduce transformation duration. Gemini will copy skill when used under Shadowy Light.

Time Lock What's happening to my watch? I just wound it this morning.

Twists the time, causing the time within the radius from the player to stop. Random enemies within the field will enter a space static effect momentarily. If the target is controlled by the time stop within a short period of time, the duration is greatly reduced. When casted under Shadowy Light, Gemini will use this skill.

Recall Light Turn time back to before the injury!

Causes time to flow in reverse, causing allies' wounds to heal and returning combat statuses and vitalities to full. Randomly endows allies within a certain radius of the caster with increased CRIT. rate, AP, multistrike, and increases attack power momentarily. Heals a small amount of HP a second the moment allies step within the area. When cast under 'Shadowy Light, Gemini will copy.


Time Twist Increased side(?) and movement speed, reduced damage taken, and increased cooldown reduction.


The extent of each EX is dependent on player's EX level.

Light Beacon Sets Light Beacon on the spot, releasing control effects and bestows super armor, restores HP continuously to allies within the Beacon, HP healed increases greatly after tier 6 breakthrough. Damage taken is reduced by 10% and movement speed is increased by 20%. When allies under effect have full HP, their physical defense is enhanced each second instead. The effect can stack max 5 times. Also reduces cooldown time for allies within a 10 meter radius of the Beacon by 40% when activated for 20 seconds. This effect can only be triggered once every 2 minutes. An identical same beacon will be duplicated if Gemini is not nearby when Light Beacon is activated.
Time Zero Releases Time Zero at the target spot, which knocks enemy targets away and deals great damage. Targets knocked over will enter Time Stop status and the cooldown of all class and EX skills locked. Their damage received will increased by 20% for 5 seconds. At the same time, it increases player's movement speed by 30% and lowers the enemies' by 20%, and lasts 10 seconds. If targets were controlled by Time Stop, a second casting will last significantly less.


The extent of each talent is dependent on player level.

C Talent

Ballet in the Snow Increases Iceglare Shock's damage at the cost of losing the healing effect. Increases the damage of a later casting of the skill, and enables Gemini's casting to freeze enemies momentarily.
Sand of Time Each time the player uses a class skill, they will receive a stack of Sand of Time that increases CRIT. rate temporarily, and can be stacked to a max. Duration is not reset when stacked.
Soul Link When the HP of the player and target is affected by Twin's Pact are different, the one with higher HP will transfer HP to the other. This effect works when both parties are linked, and the transfer occurs every few seconds.

B Talent

Dance with Swans When releasing Phase Shock, if Gemini enters Azure Mark range, resonance becomes active, causing Phase Shock damage to be increased.
Law of Time When Time Expansion is active, using Time Lock will reduce its cooldown.
Loki's Trick Witch's Kiss will polymorph another target. This effect is not valid on Gemini's casting of Witch's Kiss. Polymorphed targets will have their dual defenses reduced.

A Talent

Stopped Pendulum Causes increased damage to targets under Time Stop state.
Lord of Time Using Time Lock will reduce the cooldown of Shadowy Light and reduce the player's taken damage temporarily.
Fallen Glacier During Time Expansion, releasing Iceglare Shock and hitting targets will reduce its cooldown.

S Talent

Mimir's Spring When Time Expansion is activated, if the player currently has the Time Twist effect, they will receive a bonus positive effect of Time Twist. Can be stacked. Stacking does not reset duration.
Twin's Edge Whenever linked with Twin's Pact, movement speed, CRIT. resistance, and cooldown speed is reduced. The pact partner receives increased movement speed, damage reduction, and cooldown speed. Cannot be stacked with Time Twist.
Holy Feast When releasing Recall Light, both parties of Twin's Pact gain at least 2 of the 3 buffs: increased CRIT., multistrike, or AP. Recall Light also releases any negative statuses on the player, including burn, paralysis, Wind Mark, Nether Imprint, Demon Chain, and other negative effects.

Deep Talent

The extent of each deep talent is dependent on player level.


Time Acceleration 5 Talent Points Increased cooldown reduction.
Water Mastery 4 Talent Points Iceglare Shock increases water attack momentarily.
Double Impact 5 Talent Points Iceglare Shock has a chance to trigger another casting on hit.
Gloss 1 Talent Point Gemini's Iceglare Shock heals a nearby ally.
Blood Pact 3 Talent Points While pact is active, if the player's HP drops below 25%, damage taken is reduced.
Snow and Ice 4 Talent Points HP recovery effect of Iceglare Shock is increased.
Demon Claw Azure Mark has a chance to trigger delay whenever it deals damage. talent description
Phase Assault 4 Talent Points Phase Shock damage increased and has a chance to trigger aerial.
Erosion 5 Talent Points Azure Mark reduces enemy magic defense and movement speed momentarily. Can be stacked.
Gravity Effect 3 Talent Points Allies whose size was increased by Time Expansion have increased knockdown and aerial resistance.
Pact Empowerment 5 Talent Points Increased magic attack when in a pact with an ally.
Mass Conversation 3 Talent Points Shrink the player when allies are made bigger, which increases dual defenses.


Essence 5 Talent Points Increased max HP.
Sturdy 5 Talent Points Gain a damage reduction effect temporarily upon receiving a control effect. Subject to cooldown.
Dirge 5 Talent Points On taking lethal damage, heal allies within a distance. Each ally can only be healed every few minutes with this effect.
Murmur 5 Talent Points Dirge increases teammate's dual defenses momentarily.
Healing Wind 2 Talent Points Gain increased movement speed when receiving heals. Can be stacke.
Drain Life 3 Talent Points Recover HP on kill.
Runic Resonance 5 Talent Points Absorbing a heal rune has a chance to reset all skill cooldowns.
Power of Space 5 Talent Points Time Twist increases magic damage dealt.
Drive 4 Talent Points 'Time Expansion increases endurance recovery speed temporarily.
Body of Purity 3 Talent Points Increased super armor duration when using a dodge skill.
Unbreakable Will 5 Talent Points Chance to release control effects once when controlled. Subject to 3 minute cooldown.


Might of Doppelganger 5 Talent Points Gemini deals additional damage.
Weak 4 Talent Points Transformation reduces enemy endurance.
Taunt 3 Talent Points Transformed enemies have reduced movement speed.
Time Control 1 Talent Point Time Lock stops enemy skill and EX cooldown.
Sublimation 5 Talent Points Increases the slow effect of Gemini's Iceglare Shock and decreases target's slow resistance.
Deep Freeze 4 Talent Points Increases Gemini's damage when using Iceglare Shock.
Encourage 5 Talent Points Deal increased damage within a certain distance of Gemini.
Synergistic Locating 5 Talent Points Increased hit rate when attacking at the same time as Gemini.
Residual Light 5 Talent Points Chance to keep Shadowy Light status when copying skills.
Blessing 4 Talent Points Recall Light gives healing bonus.
Defend 3 Talent Points Recall Light gives allies in its area a shield after it expires.
Stunned 5 Talent Points Enemies hit by Phase Shock have their hit rates reduced temporarily.