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Superstar is one of the Careers available in the game and are involved in the performance industry.[1] There are ten stages within the superstar job. Starting off as an Audition Artist, the player can move up the ranks by leveling up the three attributes. The requirements to advance are split between three different tasks:

  • Artist, responsible for the Artistic attribute
  • Image, responsible for the Charisma attribute
  • Perform, responsible for the Show attribute

By attending courses and learning techniques, you use Vitality and gain points for that attribute. By pressing GO at the lower right corner of the screen, the game will automatically deliver the player to the techniques location.


The Artistic attribute is responsible for expanding the player's talents by having them learn dances, vocal techniques, and songs.Seaweed Dance Course, Vocal Techniques, Study musical scores, Practice Tongue-twister, Practice Improve Solo, and Practice Seaweed Dance are the first available techniques and actions available to level up this attribute. More courses and techniques will be unlocked the higher the player levels up in their career.[2]

This attribute can be found underneath the Artist tab within the Superstar Career.


The Charisma attribute is responsible for improving the player's image through various exercises and makeup tutorials. Learning about eye makeup, Bicep Curl, Jog, and Dress Up are the first available techniques available.[2]

This attribute can be found underneath the Image tab within the Superstar Career.


Located underneath the Perform tab, the Show attribute provides you with replayable job offers such as the Student Union and Lionhart Invitation promotional videos and the After School Dance Show.


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