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The Wardrobe is where the player can customize their character with various hairs, outfits, necklaces or face wear. Unlocking cosmetics and dyes increases the player's beauty rating, which in turn increases rating. Unlocking dyes require Paint Cards, dyeing uses Polishing Dyes, and adjusting color gradients use Color Calibrants.

Available Outfits

Story Progression

These outfits are unlocked by playing the main story. Other parts of the complete outfit is acquired through different means.

Outfit Story
Awaken Default underwear.
Dreamy Aurora Obtained through tutorial quest.
Star Of Cassell (Clothes) Complete main quest 'College Outfit'.
Glazed Wind (Clothes) Complete main quest 'Obtain Kimono'.
Battle Uniform 2.0 (Clothes) Complete main quest 'Underwater Combat Outfit'.

Player Level

These outfits are obtained through reaching a required player level and equipping 6 or more purple gears of that level. Other parts of the complete outfit is acquired through different means.

Outfit Level Requirement
Wings of Loki Player level 60.
Dreamy Rondo Player level 60.
Witches Game (Clothes) Player level 70.
Black Cat's Kiss Player level 80.
Code 007 (Clothes) Player level 90.
Dance of Cassell Player level 100.
British Time Player level 110.
Sky Hunter (Clothes) Player level 120.
Goose Hearthrob Player level 130.
Kiss of Warm Winter Player level 140.

Battle Emblem

These outfits are unlocked by exchanging them for Battle Emblems of the required level.

Outfit Emblem Level Needed Emblems
Cyber Hunter 80-89 3600 Scorch Emblems
Wingrender 90-99 5600 Flame Emblems
Devil's Night 100-109 6400 Sun Emblems
Neon Fantasy 110-119 7000 Sovereignty Emblems
Song of the Moon 120-129 7500 Starglow Emblems
Ashes of the Dancing Night 130-139
Plaid Fashion 140-149 pending


There are various outfits of which are obtained through an action the player must do.

Outfit Action to Unlock
Pure Oracle From 1 month anniversary login.
Scarlet Fragments (Clothes) Day 3 of Colby login.
Cassell Uniform Become a member of the basketball team (score 10 hoops in a row).
Go! Mr. Casual From Yuki-Onna's gift (Huanted Night), red packets, or from the mall.
Black & White Exchange for 16666 Mentor Rating or 3500 Study Points.
Brilliant Youth Exchange for 480 Carnival Tickets.
Dream Guardian Limited time login, exchange for 480 Carnival Tickets.
Fate Date 1 year anniversary login event.

Top Up & Mall

A select few outfits are obtained with real life currency, World Tree Emblems from Daily Offer, through Fashion Street for Coupons, or from buying Fight Medal passes.

Outfit How to Obtain Cost
Shining Stars Recommended Newbie Pack USD $0.99
Wanton Youth Fashion Street 256 Coupons
Cambrige Dream World Tree Emblem (Clothes) 480 Emblems

(Necklace) 160 Emblems

Sakura's Dream World Tree Emblem 600 Emblems
Young and Wild World Tree Emblem (Clothes) 400 Emblems

(Hair) 200 Emblems

Rose Cross World Tree Emblem (Clothes) 700 Emblems

(Hair) 350 Emblems

Evil Pact Fashion Street (Clothes) 1680 Coupons

(Hair) 680 Coupons

Unbound Fashion Street (Clothes) x Coupons

(Hair) x Coupons

Spring Nightwind Fashion Street (Clothes) x Coupons

(Glasses) x Coupons

Moonlight Waltz Fight Medal N/A
Angel Tano Fight Medal, Fashion Street (Clothes} 688 Coupons

(Necklace) 388 Coupons

Sunshine Suit Fight Medal N/A
Sea Fuchiko Fight Medal N/A
Breezy Flowerfield Fight Medal N/A
Descending Divine Fight Medal N/A
Nightwalker Top Up Rebate (Clothes) Reach rebate level 'President'

(Hair) Reach rebate level 'Director'.

Whale Fall Top Up Event - Candy Battle x Tickets
Exostic Land Top Up Event 85 Tickets

Mark of Glory

Marks of Glory are emblems of which are obtained through participating in Ladder of Honor. They can be exchanged for various cosmetic items.

Available Outfits
Lazer Boys
Card Riddle
Sea-loving Traveler
Q-Star Trek
2400 Marks
1600 Marks
1600 Marks


Majority of the outfits are obtained through gacha events which require coupons to play.

Outfit Event Type
Beach Party Superstar
Fiery Storm Lucky Tarot, Rhine Auction
Party Mood Host Bond Party (Limited), Featured Chest III
May Night Elf Box
Meow's Joy Lucky Tarot
Ghost Sugar Witch's Room, Rhine Auction
Star Serenade Witch's Room
Candy Heart Quantum Magic Box
Shells' Wish Featured Chest I
Reunion Super Player
Blues Rhapsody Elf Box
Star Promise Witch's Room, Rhine Auction
Night Spark Dragon Lair
Dark Moon Lucky Tarot
Rainbow Light Treasure Hunting
Dynamic Supernova Superstar
Star River Blooming Sakura
Flower Dream Super Player
Hourglass Elf Box
Pisces Featured Chest II
Summer Elf Shavee's Funfair
Phantom Twins Lucky Tarot
Hot Days pending
Sunlight of Hope Beach Party
Snowy Winter Log In Eeent
Faint Lace Elf Box
Devil Seed Featured Chest IV
Night Sea Lovesong Super Player
Cool Outing pending
Pearl Teardrop pending
Divine Blessing Lucky Tarot
Bluebird Nesting pending
Violet Memories Elf Box
Garden Wedding Treasure Hunting
Flowing Feathers pending
Cozy Forest Elf Box
Fantasy Aria Lucky Tarot
Lycoris Radiata Super Star Support
Drizzling Dream Log In Event

Dismantle Coupons

Some outfits are obtained only through dismantling event outfits listed above.

  • Nebula Love
  • Special Dept.
  • Dragon Tear
  • Moon Goddess
  • Fall of God
  • Starry Butterfly
  • Angel Wings
  • Holy Hymn
  • Icy Glow
  • Pure Heart
  • Flowing Star
  • Pearl Teardrop
136 Coupons
68 Coupons
36 Coupons