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Zero (also known as Renata) is one of the side characters in Dragon Raja. She first appears in the first chapter under the name Renata but in Chapter Ten, she introduces herself as Zero Razumovskaya Romanova. She is also a recruitable five-star ally. She also has an alt-ally that's known as "Party Zero".


Zero has long blonde hair with side-swept straight bangs. She has a peachy white skin and blue eyes. When she went by Renata, she wore the uniform of Black Swan Bay in a white and pale blue with short blonde hair. When she reappears as Zero, she wears a short, white sleeveless dress with a long and flowy train in the back that is torn at the bottom. She has a black bow in her hair with black lace detailing on her dress. She wears thigh-high, intricate, black boots connected to garter-belts. She also wears medium length black gloves.

In the special five-star ally summon, "Party Zero" she wears a cute, frilly, greenish-yellow swimsuit and holds a white frilly parasol. In her hair is a white hibiscus and a blue flower. Her swimsuit top has frills at the bottom with white hearts and a white bow in the middle. Her swimsuit bottoms are a very short skirt with a white hearts on the pleats and a bow on her left side. She has two white bracelets on each hand with a hibiscus flower on her left.


Zero was one of the orphans who lived at Black Swan Bay. On the night of the escape, it appeared to the player character and Z that she had died. However, in Chapter 10, she reappears and now goes under the name Zero.


Regular 5-star Zero

Ultimate Skill - Mirror Eye: Cut

At Lv.1, Zero launches a series of swift strikes, dealing up to 8414 PDMG to up to 5 enemies within 5m of the target and increasing Multistrike Lv. for 10 sec.

"Mirror Eyes copies not just moves, but strength as well."

Passive Skill - Mirror Eye: Multi

At Lv.1, Multistrike Lv. increased by 31, Multistrike's % is increased by 1%.

"The Mirror Eyes' strength may be replication."

Special "Party" Zero

Ultimate Skill - Wave

Zero shoots several beams at a target. Up to 5 units within 5m of target sustain 14022 P.DMG while character Crit Lv. is increased by 462. Duration: 10 second.

"Under the Summer sun, she strikes with cool ice."

Passive Skill - Summer Iceberg

Increases Crit Rate by 1% while increasing Crit Lv. bonus for Wave by 50%

"Icebergs don't melt in the sun."